A Complete Trading System for New, Inconsistent, and Time-Conscious Traders

THIS IS THE 6-FIGURE OPTIONS Trader Blueprint: install the full system and go from zero to Six-Figure pro trader skill level in 14 days or less

implement mY COMPLETE Stock trading system

Learn Essentials & risk management &
Must-Have Concepts For profitable trading

Comprehensive charts, Indicator,
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Software Toolkit + no-bS LIVE & Recorded Streams / Edu / Training

for every level of trader

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Do you want to avoid being just another failed trader?


Step-By-Step System

Trade Ideas Instantly Delivered To Your Phone

Daily Live Trading in a Curated Private Community

Members Area , Trading Ledger & ALL Replays

The Alpine Indicator, Installation, How-to Use to ID Winners

Trader-Centric, Edu-Centric Community

want to avoid being just another failed trader?



Get INSTANT Access To TradeCraft.

Discord + Trade Ideas Daily + Live Voice Daily + Active Community of Traders + Indicator + Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses + Trading Journal + Done-With-You Trading Plans

When you order today you'll get:

  • 14 Day Trial - Alpine Premium Discord Trading Floor Access - Active Community of Traders LIVE M-F at pre-market/market open...($49 value)

  • Options 101 Video Library. A-to-Z Lesson Library to go from zero knowledge -> Pro Trader Skillset in 7 Days...($49 value)

  • Your Own Copy of the Trading Ledger 1.0...($97 value)

  • Telegram - Instant Daily Trade Ideas in Real-Time from Pro Traders...($97 value)

  • Curated Watchlists Daily + Weekly Newsletter...($49 value)

  • Clarity Sprint Library Access...($297 value)

  • Alpine Indicator Access - TradingView Indicator + Training...($79 value)


  • Weekly onboarding sessions Sunday 6pm ET for Technical Help with Indicator 1.0 or any Alpine Products...($30 value)

  • ACCESS TO ALL OF OUR IN-PERSON LIVE TRADING EVENTS (next one is Orlando on April 4, 5, 6)...($997+ value)

  • ALL COURSES & PRODUCTS...($497+/mo. value)



You’re either completely SATISFIED with your Subscription to TradeCraft after 14 days or CANCEL and keep The Trading Ledger, Telegram, and Options 101 A-to-Z Options Beginners Course

Price: FREE for 14 Days Then $147 / Month

(Renews every 30 days)

I didn't have the right SYSTEM to make money consistently. I'd have some wins, sure, but after the 2 years was over... I wasn't really making money.

So I went back and eliminated distractions, focused on long-term success, and created a plan, setup, and strategy to repeat a winning formula... and that's had me consistently winning (on live stream) and I've turned many struggling and newer traders into SERIOUS Pro Traders do the same.

But unfortunately I still see many stay on the "Account Rollercoaster" for years

the difference between the 90% of traders that FAIL and

don't get more Time, Money, and FREEDOM... and the 10% that do:

Without Full SYSTEM Approach








LIKELY TO FAIL OUT and feel like a fool



A Complete Path from ZERO to 6-Figure Trader

REAL-TIME Trade Ideas from Multiple Pros

A Copy/Paste Proven Strategy To Succeed

LEARN TO Win Big, Win Small, AND Lose Small FOR Long-Term Growth

Consistency AND COMPOUNDING in Trading Profits IS a powerful Wealth Acceleration Tool

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tradecraft Premium Access


What's Included:

Replay Access

Get Access To Our Entire Options 101 Video Library

Alpine Premium Trading Floor Access

Access To Attend The Daily Q&A/Coaching Sessions

Your Own Copy of the Trading Ledger 1.0

Telegram Trade Ideas Instant Alert Access

(helpful if you can't join us to trade on Live Voice Chat every day)

Lifetime Clarity Sprint Replay Access



EVERYTHING in Alpine Premium PLUS....

Early + Discounted Access to New Products like the

Trading Ledger 2.0

Immediate access to 40% LIFETIME Recurring Affiliate Portal

($58.80 recurring commission for each Diamond Member Who Signs Up Via Your link )

ONE MONTH OF ALPINE PREMIUM Access to the Alpine Trading Floor (Live Trading Daily)

30-min Trading Ledger Planning Private Coaching Session w Strat

Priority Entry to Thirsty Thursday Live Stream Sessions

(Trade Reviews, Market News, and Probably Tequila on YT Live)

Here's Everything you get in tradecraft

When You Start Your Trial Today:

Alpine Indicator v2.0


Our friend Z is a systems engineer by day... and full-time trader at market bell.

We worked closely together to turn my Trend Trading Strategy into the Alpine Indicator 1.0... this is our brand new custom TradingView tool offering real-time alerts and insights. It aligns perfectly with The Alpine trend trading playbook, as detailed in the Trading Ledger, Options 101, and The Clarity Sprint (all included in TradeCraft)

Get your 'unfair advantage' by using our TradingView Indicator in combination with The Strat Blueprint in Options 101(see demo below)

  • A powerful software tool Custom-Coded Tool on the A+ Setup framework I personally trade with and teach in Options 101

  • Syncs with Real-time Market Data and providers Trade alerts to help you make swift, informed decisions.

  • Comprehensive video tutorials for setup and effective use.

The Alpine Method is an Options Trend trading System at the core of many successful traders. It uses a specialized algorithm in TradingView to provide real-time alerts for optimal trade opportunities, helping you spot A+ setups instantly. Note: TradingView offers a 30-day trial, followed by a monthly fee of approximately $15-30, depending on your chosen plan.

***TradingView paid account is not included in our pricing.

Screenshots from 1-2-2024

Showing the Indicator Alerting Some $$$$ PLAYS $$$$

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

Then just $99/month after - No Contracts

Get real-time trade ideas from Alpine Pro Traders through our Telegram group. Receive actionable insights directly on your phone. While we don't advocate for copytrading, we offer this service for Premium Members who want instant alerts, especially useful for those unable to trade live or tune in during daily market hours, keeping them connected to market movements.

You get written trade ideas that we personally identify for our own trading setups (with transparency)

  • Delivers Live Information with LOW latency for enhanced decision-making in your own trading.

  • Develop a solid, well-defined game plan for independent trading with a unique edge.

  • Facilitates the transition from theoretical knowledge (Options 101) to practical application.

Tailored to transform participants from a state of overwhelm to clarity in decision-making.
****The Trading Ledger is fully covered in this training*****

Options 101

lesson Library

Are you new to trading or a complete beginner?

If you're new to trading, our Options 101 Video Lesson library is perfect for you. Learn the proven system that has helped thousands of traders consistently succeed, no matter their initial skill level. This comprehensive resource covers everything from the basics of stock options to setting up your brokerage account, understanding trading terms, chart analysis, identifying trading opportunities, and risk management, all with clear, actionable steps for beginners.

Become a Consistent and Confident Trader

  • Tailored for complete beginners and new traders to learn a Simple, Scalable System for Trading

  • Learn proven strategies for consistent success

  • Lifetime access to our ever-expanding educational content, Event Replays, Coaching Calls, & More.

  • Tap Below to See Options 101 Fully Broken Down, Step-By-Step

The Clarity Sprint Library

(9+ value-packed Hours)

Clarity Sprint Speed-Training

(9+ Hours)

Provides a clear guide to defining your Trading Plan, How to use the Trading Ledger Journal, Insights into managing risks, Mastering Discipline, and implementing winning routines.

📊 The Clarity Sprint is our live 4-day intensive live virtual workshop designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of options trading. 4-day that goes over the zero to 6-figure trading blueprint WHILE you simultaneously use our risk management models, and fill-in-the-blank Trading Plan within the Trading Ledger 1.0

Over 9 hours of Replays from our $97 Live Event with one goal: Focus on developing a distinct trading plan, trading identity and a personalized strategy that is tailored to your goals and time commitment. Your TradeCraft Access INCLUDES all future Clarity Virtual Events

  • Delivers a full-stack approach for enhanced decision-making in real-time trading.

  • Develops a solid, well-defined game plan for independent trading with a unique edge.

  • Facilitates the transition from theoretical knowledge (Options 101) to a customized-for-you plan.

Tailored to transform participants from a state of overwhelm to clarity in decision-making.
****The Trading Ledger is fully covered in this training*****

This customizable tool remains yours even without renewal.

It includes a Trading Plan with my personal strategy, a Trading Journal that's ideal for customization to fit your schedule and goals during The Clarity Sprint, risk management calculator for R-Multiple, establish your OWN framework, and make adjustments as needed.

Become a Consistent and Confident Trader

  • Serves as a personalized strategy document for a trader to leverage and develop a solid trading identity.

  • Outlines clear rules, risk management strategies, and concrete trading plans.

  • Designed to align with individual income goals, risk tolerance, and trading objectives.

  • How to create a custom trading plan just like the pros do -> The Best Playbook is the one you write!

  • 📓 The Trading Ledger v1.0 has a Trading Journal built into it for you to utilize too. This can become your personalized trading plan and journal for informed and strategic decisions, and it has the SAME components as many subscription-based offer

  • (you get to keep it for life even after your free trial ends)

A tangible system for making informed and strategic trading decisions. It covers everything that ANY 6- or 7-figure trader has in their arsenal, and it's yours to keep and adapt and leverage however you see fit or as you grow into an intermediate or advanced trader.

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

Curated Watchlists daily

📋 Get access to curated Weekly and Daily Watchlists to stay always prepared. These expertly crafted watchlists provide you with essential insights to keep you informed and ready for the current market. Tune in every Sunday Night for the "Sunday Scan"

Detailed Market Watchlists

w/ Entry and Exits defined

  • Daily watchlists with detailed analysis.

  • Save time and trade with confidence using our expert insights.

  • We act as your "eyes and ears" for major market news and moves. i.e. relevant insights into key earnings trades i.e. expected moves, average IV crush, and more.

  • Stay up to date with the latest market analysis, macro views, and economic catalysts affecting the markets.

  • Real-time Access to professional, no-B.S. traders and in-depth analysis that you can't find just anywhere.

Real-time Access to professional, no-B.S. traders and in-depth analysis that you can't find just anywhere. Chats that are active and full of supportive staff and community members.

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

"This is EVERYTHING I wish I had and wish I knew before I started trading" -Strat Trades

Alpine Premium Trading Floor

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

Then just $99/month after that with our Annual Plan!

Alpine Premium

Trading Floor

Daily live trading sessions with real-time guidance. Watch and learn from live trading streams on Discord and Private Channel.

Daily LIVE Trading @ Market Open with me and 100+ other traders every day in our members-only Discord PLUS 24/7 chat

  • See and hear my entries and exits of every trade I take as well as commentary and my thought process on the markets as things are happening.

  • Develops a solid, well-defined game plan for independent trading with a unique edge.

  • Facilitates the transition from theoretical knowledge (Options 101) to practical application.

We find winners together daily in Alpine... and that's in addition to loads of member perks such as lifetime recurring revenue for Alpine Member-Partners, reviewing your trades Live, getting seasoned input for yourself "on-demand" and becoming a "part of" a community that doesn't leave you muted and take your money.

Why Give it Away FREE first?

This is Everything I Wish I Had When I Started Stock Trading...

There are 3 things we ALWAYS see from failed traders:

A. didn't gain a solid foundation

B. no clearly defined & repeatable strategy

C. didn't maintain proper risk management

WARNING: The Trading Space is Full of Conmen and Marketers in Trader's Clothing

The Big Problem With The Stock Edu Space Isn't Just Fake Experts:

Almost No One Is Providing a 360 Approach for Giving New Traders an ACTIONABLE Blueprint and Toolkit for Success... unless you purchase it one-by-one

Instead, self-proclaimed "experts" sell $500 Courses, or $10,000+ "High Ticket Coaching", and Sell Fake Lambo Dreams...

while FAKING their trades

while renting their luxury cars

❌while making money from SELLING info vs actually trading.

So after helping hundreds of traders from around the world level up in my current and previous Discord...

I decided to do something I've seen anyone else do in the entire online trading space....

Give It All Away FOR FREE first...

BEFORE charging a monthly fee for EVERYTHING in one spot.

After helping to level up hundreds of traders from around the world, I decided to drop a Complete Product Lineup that had it ALL in one place...

Andrew aka @Strat_Trades

Most "Gurus" Won't Trade Live and Show You What I did Here on YouTube:


Founder, Alpine Trading Community

-Ex-FinTech Corporate Worker w/ MBA in Finance

-Full-Time Professional Options Trader

I've been trading live daily for almost 4 years now.

This was an interest that turned into a passion and then turned into a profession. It wasn't easy to become green consistently over the last two years... but it actually was simple once I realized the only Truth in the stock markets:

Become a student of the game until you develop your "Edge"

Learning To Trade Options Was 100 % Worth The Learning Curve for Me. And Many Others. But.....

Jumping around to 50 different free resources... that's not going to cut it

50 different YouTubers, 5 free eBooks on strategies, another video course...

That's not going to make you profitable.

It's justa quick way to get information overload and quit before you start.

And most strategies that are being taught assume you have the time to spend 20+ hours each week to dedicate to trading.

Trading Profitably is NOT AN OVERNIGHT event and it isn't guaranteed, even with our system.

But we've truly got a wholly-rounded set of products here for you to get to proficiency in the markets in minimal time.

Success in the markets? It's a sequence of steps, skills, strategy, and screen time... that most never achieve.

After years of trading live almost every single day...I've mentored, coached, and been coached by so many different traders.

It took me a long time to realize there needed to be a a clear path from A to Z if I was going to help traders find their own success... a clear methodology, tools, and prep to take a traders from absolute zero to clear and consistent winner..

And the pictures below show you what my life started to look like 2 years after I started trading and once I started to consistently have profitable months... brand new home, vacations to Mexico, adding to my watch collection, golfing with my friends, and taking my family to Disney.... how I imagined more freedom and money from trading to look when I started.



So how did we solve this problem?

I designed what I strongly believe is the BEST way to start OR REstart an Options Trading Career

After helping to level up hundreds of traders from around the world, I learned what ANY successful trader needs and designed my Trend Trading Blueprint

and I've decided to open the doors on that along with the entire Alpine Private Trading Floor in Discord, Indicator Tools, and more

... and give it all away for free first


charging money

The TradeCraft Program Equips ANYONE with the ALL of the information, tactics, strategy, guidance, and tools to


without wasting time and money on overcomplicated strategies and sh***y products

New, Intermediate & Pro Traders

Love Using Alpine

See For Yourself...

No Contracts * Cancel Anytime

Alpine is rated Excellent

(4.96 out of 5 Based on 53 REAL Reviews on


Alpine Member

Vinnie is a business owner, real estate investor, and full time husband and dad to two kids in Canada. Vinnie has been trading with me since early 2023. Vinnie quickly rose to the level of a pro trader in Alpine having the biggest day of his career making over $90,000 one day in September. From bouncing around from strategy to strategy to consistent trend trader who takes trips to Disney every year with his family.


Alpine Member

Alex is someone who traded a little during the GME/AMC WallStreetBets days and lost more than she made. Before, she was constantly looking for HUGE wins only to recognized deep red losses, she is now on her way to compounding her account and has over 300% in account gains while actively trading in Alpine Premium during the month of December 2023.


Alpine Member

Successful trial attorney who had been trading for a few years prior to joining Alpine, but never really had consistent success and results. Since July of 2023, he is now up over $250,000 since being in Alpine Community, learning, sharing ideas, and growing.
He's complimented the quality of the community over the discord he was previously in.

100s more screenshots like below in Alpine Premium

Ready To Get Your Wins in The Market?

No Contracts * Cancel Anytime

$99/month After Trial w/ Yearly Plan

OR just a la carte the products you want to keep using

Some Proof + Product Teasers

No Contracts * Cancel Anytime

Associated With Trusted Trading Brands:

The Most INCREDIBLE FREE Trial Ever For Newer Traders

We don't know ANY other trading group or eduction platform that is going to give you EVERYTHING to take for a test drive. Most trading educators aren't confident in their ability to get others results OR they just want to make money selling information to newcomers. That's not what Alpine does. We want to succeed by taking you from Beginner Trader to Pro Trader with our No Fluff Roadmap.

No Contracts * Cancel Anytime

$99/month After Trial w/ Yearly Plan

OR just a la carte the products you want to keep using after the trial

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a lot of money to start with. Can I still trade your system with a small account?

Yes. Our custom trade alerts will tell you which trades are appropriate for a smaller account. Many of our traders start with a small account of $2000 or less and are able to build it up in a very short period of time.

Options seem very complicated... Is this good for beginners?

Inside of this system, we’ll hold your hand and walk you through the exact step by step process needed to trade options from scratch even if you’re a beginner that’s never traded before. No matter your experience, we will have you up and running in no time.

I’ve tried other trading systems and listened to a few "gurus" who didn't get me anywhere. How are you any different?

In 2024, there are a LOT of "trading gurus" out there who are just scamming, or they are just bad at getting results. We're different because we're so confident in our system that we give it all to you for free for 14 days. That's our entire methodology, take part in our live sessions, follow our trade alerts, AND there's no commitment after that either. We don't know ANY other trading companies that offer that. We don't guarantee any results but our members stay because they make money, plain and simple.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

You can go through the course at your own pace. Some members complete it in a few days. Placing trades only takes a few minutes a day and can be done from your phone. We have members who trade with us during their full-time jobs. I myself was at 6-figure yearly profits for 2 years before quitting my full-time corporate job.

FAQ image

What happens after 14 days? How much is it to continue the alerts or Discord?

We offer each product separately on whop or our private portal. Pricing varies but the full stack is by far the best value.

How do you signal the trade ideas? Text or email?

We tested many different methods but found that latency was the lowest via Telegram. We make the same trade ideas in both Discord AND the telegram group, but it's important for information to TRAVEL FAST. That's the nature of the markets. There is no guarantee on any of our trade ideas, but we know first-hand that the sooner you get the information, the better chance of success when leveraging that info in your own trading executions.

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*Results are not typical and will vary from person to person. Making money trading stocks takes time, dedication, and hard work. There are inherent risks involved with investing in the stock market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not indicative of future results. Any investment is at your own risk.

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